How it works:

1. Fill a 16 oz. container with broken glass, plastic, or other litter you find on the beach. 

2. Bring the full container to a participating local business and exchange for a reward.

3. The business will dump the beach garbage, then return the container to you with your reward.

4. Repeat!

With the support of local business, we can make your beach a better beach!

Our Story

My wife and I relax, run, or walk our dogs on the beach nearly every day. Sometimes we find broken glass in the sand. Glass on the beach is a sore subject for me, as I have family members and pets who have sliced their feet after stepping on the glass. I started picking up the glass and putting it in a jar in my house. The jar has a label that reads "make your beach a better beach" and it serves as a reminder to leave things better than I find them. After an early spring run on the beach that added four new pieces of glass to my collection, I wondered if I could partner with local businesses to give containers like mine to anyone who wanted one.


That's exactly what we've done. Bring a 16 oz. container full of broken glass, plastic, or other beach litter to a participating business for a free coffee, free appetizer, discounted growler fill, or other incentive. Use a container of your own or pick up a free one from any of the participating businesses. Along with local businesses, we can make your beach a better beach.